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    I was lucky to encounter Adria when she hosted the Annual GTA:ICF conference a number of years ago with Meg Wheatley. On first encounter I found that there was an immediate quality to her that made her special. She is authentic, she rolls with the punches and she is in her own way quietly confident and outwardly visible. She is an excellent role model for the coaching profession in Canada, the USA and beyond. For me, Adria defines what character is. She consistently demonstrates compassion for and connectedness to others. She is a person who has an adventurous spirit in her along with the ability to give freely. She is an amazing team coach who shares her Living Systems Approach™ with other coaches, like myself who are interested in team coaching.

    — M. Milanetti - MBA, Seasoned Health Care Professional, Client and Mentee-
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    Adria is internationally known as a key innovator and provider of team coaching in the field of organizational/management development. As the recipient of the 2008 Canadian Coach of the Year award, Adria demonstrated leadership, dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence as a team coaching trainer, provider and stellar representative of the profession. She is at the top of her field in team coaching expertise, strategy and theory, and is an extremely competent coach, who consistently achieves bottom line results for a broad range of international companies. You should hire Adria for her expert ability to help address any important team-related project, product or process that needs improvement or enhancement. Also, Adria is a top-notch trainer, who teaches her proprietary team coaching model in a variety of settings. If you’re looking for a change-the-status-quo methodology, I highly recommend her approach. Adria’s the consummate professional: hardworking, results-oriented, smart as a whip, creatively gifted, honest, generous, bold and warm-hearted.

    — Val Olson, MA, LPE, CPCC Business, Style & Life Coaching for Creative Women Entrepreneurs
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    “As a leader Adria continually demonstrates the courage to enter the mystery of the unknown and that not yet manifested. She is a passionate creator and a continual learner, who uses her intellectual curiosity to make new connections. Adria recognizes and honors influences from the outside world, yet digs deep within herself to create and innovate. Her success in team and group coaching is due to her intuitive advance planning, mixed with her on-the-spot ingenuity to create anew while juggling the many dynamics of the group. In this way, she is an artist on the coaching stage. Adria “on her game” is “magical”.

    — J. Barrett, , MA, ACPC, ACC
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    Adria is one of the most gifted coaches I know and her mastery of all things coaching makes her a true expert in our domain. She is a global thought leader that is personally a superior coach, facilitator and trainer. I consider her one of the most important partners to our company at Tilt365 and we include her perspective in all of our decisions regarding our practitioner community. Her perspectives are thought-provoking, innovative and persuasive! I am so glad to have a good colleague like her as a friend as well.

    — Pam Boney, PCC, Founder of Tilt365, Metrics for Innovative People, Teams and Culture
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    I was Adria’s coach for a couple of years, and she and I are now friends and colleagues. Adria is a true pioneer of our field. To me, she represents the best in leadership and in the ‘being’ of a coach, that a coach can be. She is as much a coach in the way she ‘shows up’ in her work and life, as she is in how skilled and talented she is.

    — Lynne Fairchild, PCC, MBA
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    Before I met Adria, I thought that I knew what coaching was. As a manager in a multinational organization I benefited from numerous training sessions, coaching clinics and have done mentoring and coaching for many years. Everything changed for me when I signed for a Foundation Course at Adler International School of Coaching and when I met Adria. Adria has introduced me to the heart and art of coaching which I have never known before. Her coaching style is best described as “magic”. It is based on hard core coaching principals and theory and delivered flawlessly. After two years being under her spell I continue to learn from her and have fun.

    — P. Sever, Consultant Pharmaceuticals
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    I met Adria through the Adler Faculty of Professional Coaching Practicum program where she was both a Group Mentor coach and co-facilitator of the in-class/laboratory component of the program. In addition, I had the good fortune of having Adria as my program shepherd through which I received rich coaching from her over an eight month period. Adria is a fantastic leader and demonstrates mastery in coaching. Her authentic approach and strong intuition help build trust and credibility quickly. Her ability to provide direct communication is wonderfully balanced by the care and passion she demonstrates. Adria graciously shares her knowledge and has an uncanny insight to quickly and effectively assess and support any coaching situation. Adria has had a profound impact on me as a coach. Her support has helped me become a more authentic individual. I would gladly recommend Adria to anyone seeking the expertise of a highly effective coach.

    — M. Perrone Human Resources Manager at GE Digital Energy
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    “Looking back, one of the greatest successes was in getting the Canadian leadership team aligned. Before the team coaching started, none of the team members had an understanding of the issues and problems faced by the other members. The team coaching gave us collective understanding of the organization and each others’ issues, and created support and buy-in.”

    — Pierre Meulien, Chief Executive Officer, Dublin Molecular Medicine Centre
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    “Coaching has given me skills that have made a difference in both my professional and personal life. The impact has been real and noticeable.”

    — Mark Lievonen, President, Aventis Pasteur Limited Canada
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    “Adria has worked with me many times over the years to not only build my leadership skills, but to elevate my entire team (direct reports and extended team) to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in the pharmaceutical industry. She works equally well one on one, with small leadership teams (5-7) or entire departments (75 or more). She provides challenging propositions to take you and your team to the next level. Her style is one of coaching/teaming to bring out the best in your leadership skills by eliminating your weaknesses and further strengthening what you are best at. She will challenge you at every turn to insure you get to where you want to be. She gets results; she is very expert in her field and you can trust her to give you what you need to succeed. Adria helped me build a world class R&D team where resources were limiting and time was of the essence. For me, she was able to get me out of the box and find innovative solutions and move my team forward quickly and very effectively. Adria has the utmost in professionalism and makes adjustments as required to get the results you are looking for. I highly recommend engaging Adria for a variety of challenges.

    — Frank Arnold. Sr. Program Manager, Vaccine Advanced Development KW Tunnell Contractor [supporting the office of the HHS/OS/ASPR/BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority)]
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    I hoped I would be able to find a good coach. I now know I have a great one! Looking forward to our next portion with uncomfortable questions. Thank you.

    — N. H., Senior VP, Mining
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    Adria was an LMA Luncheon guest speaker January 29, 2013 and presented on the topic ‘Coaching for High Performance in the Legal Industry’. As the a member of the LMA Programming Committee, I had invited Adria to speak on the panel as she is one of my former Alder International Learning coach trainers. Adria provided an interesting and thorough presentation and the topic generated a very thoughtful audience discussion. Thank you for your kind support and for speaking to the value of coaching. I hope to work with Adria again in the future

    — Christine Rocheleau Job Developer, Labour Education Centre. Account Manager, Lime Advertising Inc
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    Adria is a skilled coach who cares deeply about her clients and the results they achieve working with her. She has the perfect blend of nurturing warmth and down to earth common sense to help her clients. Adria is a seasoned professional and is extremely talented when it comes to working with executive teams. Her enthusiasm and wisdom inspires the individual she works with to advance in their leadership and with the team as a whole to enable them to soar to new heights. Adria comes from a place of integrity and total authenticity.

    — Margaret Miller, Leadership & Team Development Expert, Certified Executive & Business Coach, Trainer, Author
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    Firstly, I want to thank you so much for the incredible course you facilitated on your “Living Systems” approach. What learning I did! The translation of team coaching to the work of “family teams” is so exciting! I am really eager to put this new awareness and all the new tools I’ve discovered into play.

    — Liz Berholtz, Parent Coaching
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    Working with Adria has been truly transformational, professionally, in my most meaningful relationships and personally. Over the past 4 years she has drawn frequently from her rare blend of gifts. She is equally adept at gently encouraging self-curiosity, reflection and learning with just the right question at just the right time. Firmly challenging my edges and views on the “truth” and compassionately listening as I work through my own hopes, dreams and fears. If you are serious about owning your next life step forward and happen to have crossed paths with Adria - find a way to engage her!

    — Mike