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I Am So Grateful For Adria's Feedback. She Gave Me That Golden Wisdom And I Applied It Today; I Saw Such A Big Difference!

M.Y - Coaching Mentee

Adria sees people’s strengths and calls them forth powerfully, whether she is coaching individuals or teams. She also has a gift for thinking strategically. I am a grateful student of her ability to think “Big Picture” and anticipate impact. She is always inquiring how a question or activity will move an individual or team forward. Adria is dedicated to finding ways to push the envelope and challenge people to work their growing edges. Adria is a leader’s leader. I treasure our friendship and in terms of learning how to be a powerful leader; I remain a student at the knee of the guru. I am honored to be a colleague with a woman of Adria’s integrity, fairness, generosity and good judgment.

— Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach


Adria loves inspiring others, which includes mentoring coaches to build the careers they have always dreamed of.  As your mentor coach she will provide you with support, wisdom and guidance that could only come from a Master Certified Coach with over twenty years of experience in the profession.

Executive Coaching Toronto

Adria will focus on supporting the development of your coaching skills which will allow you to demonstrate the level of coaching competency demanded for the specific credential(s) you are seeking.  In order for you to be an effective coach you need opportunities for individual practice, feedback and support from a skilled observer.  

Pursuing mentor coaching is an investment of time and money in yourself that will contribute to the advancement of your career. Contact Adria to discuss how she can support your journey to take your coaching practice to the next level.

  • Mentor

    Adria Trowhill was my guide and mentor after I had had some set backs in my ICF journey. She helped me succeed in gaining my ICF MCC credential. I am so grateful to her for her unfailing honesty, great wisdom and of course; lots of patience as I made my way on this journey. Thank you Adria! I can recommend Adria highly to anyone who is looking for an extremely experienced mentor as she was an assessor at MCC level for the ICF for many years, as well as the Dean of the Adler School of Coaching in Toronto. A great combination of skill, which together with her integrity to the profession of coaching, her kindness and accessibility, was exactly what I needed!

    — Eileen Thayser, MCC, South Africa
  • Mentor

    Adria Trowhill’s ‘Living Systems Approach’ has been a powerful asset in the team coaching we offer groups as they navigate challenges and plan future growth. We’ve witnessed this method serving as a catalyst for transformation, and feel privileged to facilitate conversations and memorable experiences for organizations using this approach. We’re also pleased to recommend Adria as a wise and generous master coach. Her thought-provoking questions, direct requests and abundant kindness have been a gift to us and to many.

    — Andrew Bartley, Principal, Platinum Leadership Inc
  • Mentor

    After taking Adria’s Living Systems Approach ™ workshop, I was excited to apply her concepts and templates with my clients. I had my first team coaching session today and wow!!! To say the outcome was a home run would be an understatement. Adria is sheer genius. The program worked so well. Thank you Adria.

    — RG, HR Professional, Toronto
  • Mentor

    Adria’s Living Systems Approach(TM) to Coaching Collaborative Work Groups and Intact Teams Workshop is packed with proven techniques and real life (confidential) examples and is delivered in an engaging and hands-on way. I’m inspired by her understanding of what “business” truly needs and by her trail blazing efforts!

    — Claudia Adair, ACC
  • Mentor

    Adria is a superb coach practitioner. She finds creative and powerful paths to move her students forward to a greater level of mastery in their coach competencies and the development of their unique style. As a mentor, Adria has gone above and beyond in championing my growth and development as a coach. She is without a doubt, a master of her field, deserving of all the accolades such accomplishment bestows her, and yet, she mentors with grace and humility that is inspiring and relatable. She is in a league all her own. It has been a pleasure learning from the best.

    — Rochelle