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Welcome to Adria Trowhill Executive Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching and Consulting

Welcome To
Adria Trowhill Executive Leadership Coaching, 
Team Coaching and Organizational Consulting

Are you looking for an experienced coach to guide you to a new level of personal and professional growth?

Are you eager to foster honest communication and collaboration within your leadership team?

Are you motivated to create empowering organizational cultures for work

Are you a coach seeking a mentor to help you on your own coaching journey?


Adria Trowhill has been coaching internationally since 1998 with individuals, leadership teams, and C-Suite executives. Awarded Canada’s Coach of the Year in 2008, and recently ICF's Lifetime Achievement Award. Adria is recognized for her authentic and comprehensive approach, her willingness to dive in at the deep end and speak honestly in order to create an effective and purposeful  path forward.

With her background in psychology, her 8 years as a senior OD Consultant and her passion for supporting people, Adria created the Living Systems Approach™ (LSA) for team transformation. Her programs and coaching skills have one common purpose: to empower people to be their best selves and reach their full potential.

With her background in psychology, and her passion for supporting people, Adria created the Living Systems Approach™ (LSA) for team transformation. Her programs and coaching skills have one common purpose: to empower people to reach their full potential.

About Adria Trowhill
A Pioneer of Coaching in Canada

Partnering with and coaching people is at the heart of all her work. Her interest in human behavior led to her gaining a master’s and then a PhD (ABD) in Psychology. She found a particular interest in partnering with and supporting leaders  to realize their full potential professionally. Based on her success and her own leadership experiences, Adria decided to commit to a path in coaching.

How Can Coaching Help You?

Overview of Adria's Coaching Process
  • Phase 1 - Setting the Foundation
  • Phase II - Ongoing Coaching
  • Phase III - Assessing Progress
  • Phase IV - Completion

We will determine your desired outcomes (improved relationships, leadership skills, empowering others, effective decision making etc...) and examine where you are now in relation to these goals.

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It is in this stage that we complete a detailed assessment which is helpful to guide your coaching journey (e.g. Tilt 365). Since everyone learns differently we will discuss your learning style, organizational parameters and personal preferences as well. It is in this phase that we will look closely at your team, organizational culture and systems. Lastly we will determine how we will measure your progress and success.

We will align on an action-reflection-learning process to increase self awareness and review your original assessment to refine original goals. We will incorporate this information into a self-directed action plan. A variety of coaching tools will be incorporated that will increase your capacity for change and allow you to practice new behaviors in the safety of a coaching partnership.

Routinely we will re-visit the baseline measures for success and key performance indicators. This is a time of reflection, learning and behavioral results. Together we will determine any additional learning and coaching that may be needed to support your desired outcomes.

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We will reflect on your entire coaching journey and acknowledge yourself for the learning and growth you have accomplished. Together we will determine what is "next" and you will be supported with this process.

What Our Clients Say
Principal Consultant North York

“As a leader Adria continually demonstrates the courage to enter the mystery of the unknown and that not yet manifested. She is a passionate creator and a continual learner, who uses her intellectual curiosity to make new connections. Adria recognizes and honors influences from the outside world, yet digs deep within herself to create and innovate. Her success in team and group coaching is due to her intuitive advance planning, mixed with her on-the-spot ingenuity to create anew while

— J. Barrett, , MA, ACPC, ACC

Principal Consultant North York
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