Leaders unsure of where to enhance their own leadership, need to use their organizations as mirrors. What is happening inside the organization will tell them exactly where to look.
— Adria Trowhill

leadership COACHING

Leadership coaching is a collaboration between the client and the coach.  It amplifies and accelerates learning in an environment of unconditional acceptance so that growth and transformation occur naturally.

Leaders Will:

  • Gain clarity, align with their values and create meaningful goals through a truly individualized process of self-discovery.  
  • Explore innate capacities, intuition and creativity in a respectful way that maintains their unique integrity.  
  • Experience an internal shifting process to reach the vision and goals that are important for them to fulfill; at this point in their life.  

Leadership Coaching Is Great For:

  • Senior Leaders (VP. CFO, CIO, CEO)
  • New Leaders
  • Managers
  • Project Leaders

The Benefits Of Leadership Coaching:

  • Improved relationships with direct reports, immediate supervisors and peers
  • Sound decision-making
  • Increased productivity and improved self performance
  • Greater clarity; individually and for the organization
  • More freedom and its resulting creativity and resourcefulness
  • Transformation into more fulfillment and value in work and life
  • Increased job satisfaction and career advancement
  • Improved conflict resolution 
  • Stronger client relationships

Benefits to Organizations Are Improvements In:

  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Customer service
  • Reduced customer complaints
  • Executive retention is improved
  • Cost reductions
  • Improved bottom-line profitability

Through this coaching process, leaders will grow from the inside out, become more engaged, create value through others and release the creative spirit of their people and teams.

The coaching model works at a deeper level than a pure facilitation model. Underlying issues, that might otherwise be roadblocks are uncovered in a safe environment - it is a deep learning process.
— Adria Trowhill